What is Gout & can you test for it at home ?

Uric acid meter UK

Monitor uric acid levels at home with the Easylife meter

Gout is a painful condition affecting muscles and joints. It is relatively common and can affect up to 25% of western populations during their lifetime.

Elevated levels of Uric Acid, also known as Urate can crystallise in sold tissue around joints and also in the fluid lubricating joints leading to painful inflammation and eventually arthritis.

Until now the diagnosis of gout has depended on hospital laboratory whole blood analysis, but there is now a handheld digital uric acid meter available giving doctors and patients the ability to test a tiny finger prick sample of blood accurately for uric acid levels.

The digital uric acid meter is distributed by Valuemed in the UK and also tests cholesterol and blood sugar levels. The uric acid meter kit is supplied with a comprehensive easy to follow manual and separate test strips for Uric Acid, cholesterol and glucose. lancets and an auto-lancing device also come with the starter pack. the lancing device is a sprung auto-lancer, so taking a finger prick sample is automated for anyone who may be squeamish about needles.

Testing for gout and monitoring levels during an attack or between episodes is now available as a home test option for thousands of patients affected by this condition. The Easylife uric acid meter is also certified for clinical use by doctors, so it is expected to also find use in outpatient departments and casualty departments where it will come into its own during out of hours consultations, where access to lab services are further restricted.

The price for the 3 in 1 meter is expected to be below £40 and the refill packs of Easylife gout meter test strips well below £1 per test, with the glucose option expected to be even cheaper per test.

Uric acid test meter now available in UK


A home test kit for uric acid, the cause of gout, is now available for the first time in the UK. The uric acid test meter is a handheld digital meter which uses a finger prick of blood to test blood levels of uric acid, also known as urate.

High levels of uric acid are associated with painful joint and muscle condition gout. The uric acid test meter allows instant measurement of the uric acid blood levels making a diagnosis of gout fast and easy. The meter is expected to be used by healthcare professionals in surgeries and clinics as an aid to diagnosis. The uric acid meter is also expected to be popular with patients with a history of gout, giving them the ability to monitor their condition and enable earlier treatment decisions when flare-ups occur.

Blood uric acid tests have previously required a whole blood sample to be sent for laboratory analysis, delaying the results for patients and doctors. the uric acid meter uses single-use uric acid test strips which are supplied with the uric acid meter starter packs and are available for sale as uric acid refill test strip packs of 25 uric acid tests

Uric acid test strips

Uric acid test strips

Separate uric acid test strips are supplied with the meter which tests cholesterol blood levels and glucose blood levels. Separate refill packs of cholesterol test strips and glucose test strips are also available making the meter multi-purpose. Extra uric acid test strips for the meter can be purchased online

The uric acid meter starter pack is supplied with lancets and an auto-lancing device which makes finger prick blood sampling simplicity itself. Packs of 100 universal lancets are also available from Valuemed UK Medical Supplies

In conclusion, the uric acid meter system makes uric acid testing simple, easy and low cost, giving fast access to uric acid test results, aiding diagnosis and treatment decision making for physicians and patients.