‘Love your Littmann’ Stethoscope Student Promotion


This Thursday thousands of UK students will find out if they have the required grades to gain entry to medical school. The successful ones will start their course in October and amongst the list of required items for many medical schools will be a stethoscope.

The Littmann Classic 11 SE Stethoscope has been the first choice stethoscope for most UK medical students now for many decades and still remains so. The reason is that it is a reasonably priced high quality double headed ie with a bell and a diaphragm acoustic stethoscope that is ideal for medical students who need to master all the basics of auscultation.

The Littmann Dual 111 cardiology stethoscope is also a popular choice due to its superior acoustic performance particularly when listening to heart murmurs and has always been a popular choice wit final year medical students & young doctors. It also makes a good choice for medical students.

This year Littmann in their ‘Love your Littmann ‘ promotion is offering a free cardiac sounds auscultation cd with each Littmann Classic 11 Se stethoscope in the promotion and also with the Littmann Dual 111 cardiology stethoscopes in the promotion.

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Dual head vs single head stethoscope

For most simple tasks, such as taking blood pressure a single head stethoscope is all that is required. Single head stethoscopes have a single diaphragm held in place by a retaining ring. Via the single head, pulses, breath sounds and some cardiac sounds should be clearly audible. By applying pressure to the diaphragm head, the frequency of sounds can be parially modified. In some models is is refered to as a “tunable head” function.

A double head stethoscope has both diaphragm and a bell. The bell has a cone shaped head which normally has no diaphragm and is smaller in diameter to the diaphragm side. This makes it more positionable and in some respects directional, making the location and pin pointing of aucultated sounds more precise. the bell is also better at locating with clarity low frequency sounds.

The dipahragm and bell sides are rotatable around a central core, so one or the other can be selected. Double head stethoscopes are available in a range of sizes with heads from adult, through child or paediatric down to the very smallest neonate head units. Chest pieces are available normally in steel, but some aluminium heads are available. There is little to make one better than the other beyond the weight difference both give good auscultation characteristics in well manufactured stethoscopes. Deluxe units have slightly thicker tubing and head sets vary from central lite sprung units with firm easy clean ear tips through to professional soft sprung with soft fit ear tips for comfort.

Single head stethoscopes start from £3-4 pounds with double head stethoscopes usually a £1 or 2 more.  These cheaper units are ideal for general light ward use and offer perfectly adequate auscultation quality for basic tasks. For heavy regular users, requiring ausculation function to include regular respiratory and cardiac auscultation, high quality clinical branded models start from £25-50

 The Littmann Classic II SE remains the best selling UK double head stethoscope against which most other high quality stethoscope brands are compared. For a great value alternative consider it’s rival North American branded MDF-777 available from valuemed, or our own cardiology model.

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littmann classic 11 se

New Colour Littmann Cardiology Stethoscopes

Littmann 3m have extended the range of tube colour options on their Dual III cardiology stethoscopes.

The Littmann cardiology stethoscope is now available in navy blue, caribbean blue and a bright red tube option.

The Littmann III Cardiology remains the first choice for medical practitioners internationally, offering superb performance accoustics and longevity due in part to its high quality manufacturing standards.

New colour and traditional tube colour options are shown here Littmann Dual III Cardiology Stethoscopes

Medical Student Diagnostic set back in stock

After selling out almost immediately upon release, Valuemed is pleased to again be able to offer the Medical Student Clinical Starter Kit.

Offering everything needed for medical students starting clinical attachments the diagnostic sets include a quality stethoscope, aneroid sphygmomanometer with standard adult cuff, otoscope and opthalmoscope for ear and eye examination, A complete set of reflex hammers, 125,256 & 512Hz tuning forks, a pen torch and a tornique

Version 2 of the pack offers the following upgrades. Palm aneroid sphygmomanometer. Tenso medical Otoscope and Opthalmoscope units and additional name tags to allow labelling of the kit.

Purchased individually the original diagnotic equipment set would exceed £225.00 net of UK VAT, the pack is offered with a saving of over £50.00 at £175.00 plus VAT  and delivers free in the UK when purchased online

Thanks to a medical school in the north east, the original stock allocation sold out almost immediately, so demand is expected to be high.

The Littmann Classic Stethoscope- the doctors choice

Littmann Stethoscopes remain the standard doctors choice. Littmann continues to be the medical school recommended stethoscope of choice for students.

The Littmann Classic II SE stethoscope remains the first choice, giving excellent general clinical performance and value for money. The Littmann stethoscope range is made by parent company 3M.

The Littmann Classic II SE features:

  • Dual headed with a patented tuneable diaphragm on one side, and a traditional bell on the other.
  • The tuneable diaphragm on the 3M Littmann Classic II SE Stethoscope detects high and low frequency sounds by simply adjusting the pressure used during examination. Firm pressure allows you to listen to high frequency sounds- ease off to lighter contact and the diaphragm instantly switches to let you hear lower frequency sounds (previously heard using the traditional bell).
  • The bell side on the 3M Littmann Classic II SE stethoscope can also be used for low frequency sounds and special examinations to detect bruits, for examination of intercostal spaces and auscultation of smaller and bony patients.
  • A high quality single lumen tube (71cm/28 inches), with comfortably angled anatomically correct headset and patient-friendly nonchill rim and diaphragm to ensure maximum patient comfort.
  • The 3M Littmann Classic II SE stethoscope features a tough, elastomer polyurethane rim on the chestpiece and crack-resistant, reinforced, PVC tubing. The tubing allows you to fold the scope easily without worry of kinking or breaking. The internal, double-leaf, binaural spring helps assure a long life and allows easy adjustment of ear-tube tension. The ear-tubes are lightweight, yet very durable.
  • Patented soft sealing medium ear tips designed to produce an excellent acoustic seal, offer maximum comfort (firmer ear tips are supplied with the stethoscope if you prefer). These ear tips are supplied as standard on the 3M Littmann Classic II SE Stethoscope.
  • Littmann offer 3 year warranty against any manufacturing defects.

Why should I buy a 3M Littmann Classic II SE Stethoscope?

  • The 3M Littmann Classic II SE stethoscope remains the industry standard stethoscope, against which others are judged.
  • It is widely used by a wide range of health care professionals such as nurses, general practitioners, midwives and physiotherapists.
  • The 3M Littmann Classic II SE is also the stethoscope that medical students are advised to use, due to its acoustic quality and versatility- very important when learning

The 3M Littmann range of stethoscopes are the most highly regarded in the industry, and have been trusted by millions of healthcare professionals throughout the world for decades.

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Best stethoscope for medical students

At this time of year we get lots of phone calls from parents of medical students who are about to start their clinical training, and want to know which is the best stethoscope to buy them as a gift.

I remember well when I started my clinical training about 20 years ago how excited I was to get my first stethoscope. in those days the only stethoscope that was available to buy from the medical school was the Littmann Classic SE.

I still have mine, and it has performed very well for the last 20 plus years.

I bought it when I started my clinical studies and it served me very well. In my final year at medical school I studied cardiology & persuaded my parents to buy me a Littmann cardiology stethoscope which was fantastic. After I had used this stethoscope with its superior acoustics I never used anything else. It served me very well through my final year, through my house jobs and then through my GP training. I continued to use it as a GP, and it is as good now as the day I bought it.

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There are lots of new brands of stethoscope on the market since I trained 20 years ago, although Littmann still remains the quality stethoscope that all other brands aspire to.

If you are looking for a paediatric or cardiology stethoscope of similar quality to the Littmann Classic look at these MDF stethoscopes below:

MDF-777 Classic paediatric  Stethoscope 

MDF-797 Classic Cardiology Stethoscope

Click here all MDF stethoscopes & medical equipment

Littmann stethoscope for medical students and doctors

Littmann 11 SE stethoscope UK

Littmann Classic 11 SE stethoscope available in lots of tube colours and is an ideal stethoscope for medical students

Littmann Classic II SE doctors stethoscopes are available in a range of tube colours tubes at £57.76 for a limited period

The strong US dollar has pushed the price of Littmann stethoscopes up to UK and EU buyers over recent months with price increases across the entire range.

The Littmann Classic II SE stethoscope remains the benchmark doctors unit against which others are compared. Valuemed remains the only major distributor not tied to a single brand stethoscope manufacturer offering other leading north American brands MDF Stethoscope models and Spirit stethoscope sphygmomanometers etc and its own valuemed range and generic stethoscopes. clinical stethoscopes start from just £3.45

Valuemed offer medical student discounts

Littmann Stethoscopes

3M Littmann® Stethoscopes

Introducing the UK market leading international brand Littmann stethoscope range from 3M.

The complete range of market leading Littmann stethoscopes from the Littmann select stethoscope through to the Littmann cardiology STC stethoscope are available from Valuemed UK medical supplies

Littmann 11 SE stethoscope UK

Littmann Classic 11 SE stethoscope available in lots of tube colours

The Littmann Classic II SE remains the benchmark general clinical Doctors stethoscope against which others are judged.  Other leading European and North Americal brands including MDF and Spirit have similar double head models available, most priced to take advantage of the high end cost of the Littmann brand. These margins are set to expand as the European cost of US$ increased by over 25% in the last quarter of 2008.

Our advice. If you are considering the purchase of a stethoscope, do it sooner rather than later. Price increases in 2009 when European distributors restock can only go one way.

3M Littmann stethoscope range