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Student discounts available

We know how expensive being a student is these days and with this in mind Valuemed medical supplies do offer student discounts. To obtain a student discount coupon for your university or college to spend on medical equipment or supplies please e-mail us as with the details of your college or university,  so that we can set a discount code up for you.

In the meantime you can use 5% discount coupon code AUT until the end of January 2017.

Medical Student Discounts

Use your medical student discount coupon to purchase a Littmann Classic 11SE

Use your medical student discount coupon to purchase a Littmann Classic 11SE stethoscope which still remains in our opinion the best stethoscope for medical students and is recommended by UK medical schools.

The cost of being a medical student has never been higher in the UK. Not only do students have to take a student loan to cover their six years of medical school, (most other university degrees are only 3 years ) but they also have the added expense of purchasing medical equipment and medical textbooks which can be very costly.

To help ease the financial burden Valuemed issue discount coupons to medical students on request. We remember what it was like to be in your position.

If you are currently a medical student and would like a medical student discount that you can use & share with your fellow students then please do get in touch with us by e-mail to

Once you have your medical student discount coupon it can be used at to purchase any items on the website including a Littmann stethoscope & any other medical equipment you require for your clinical studies.

Read our FAQ section for medical students if you are unsure which is the best stethoscope & medical equipment to buy

‘Love your Littmann’ Stethoscope Student Promotion


This Thursday thousands of UK students will find out if they have the required grades to gain entry to medical school. The successful ones will start their course in October and amongst the list of required items for many medical schools will be a stethoscope.

The Littmann Classic 11 SE Stethoscope has been the first choice stethoscope for most UK medical students now for many decades and still remains so. The reason is that it is a reasonably priced high quality double headed ie with a bell and a diaphragm acoustic stethoscope that is ideal for medical students who need to master all the basics of auscultation.

The Littmann Dual 111 cardiology stethoscope is also a popular choice due to its superior acoustic performance particularly when listening to heart murmurs and has always been a popular choice wit final year medical students & young doctors. It also makes a good choice for medical students.

This year Littmann in their ‘Love your Littmann ‘ promotion is offering a free cardiac sounds auscultation cd with each Littmann Classic 11 Se stethoscope in the promotion and also with the Littmann Dual 111 cardiology stethoscopes in the promotion.

To find out more about the current ‘Love your Littmann ‘ stethoscope deals visit Valuemed UK and to see our full range of Littmann Stethoscopes available to buy online

Medical Student Stethoscope-which is the best one to choose ?

Use your medical student discount coupon to purchase a Littmann Classic 11SE

Use your medical student discount coupon to purchase a Littmann Classic 11 SE

This is a recurring question from medical students just about to embark on clinical studies, and from their parents who often wish to buy a stethoscope as a gift.

If you can afford to opt for a Littmann Classic 11 SE Stethoscope as this is the stethoscope that most medical students in the UK will use, and that most doctors trained with, and many still use in their everyday clinical practice. At around £50 it offers excellent acoustic performance, at an affordable price. It also comes in a huge array of tube colours & finishes, which means their should be one that suits you.

For final year medical students a Littmann Dual 111 Cardiology stethoscope at around £108 plus VAT,  can be a good choice as it can help them in picking up heart murmurs during their final exams.


Student Discount Coupons | Medical Student Discounts

Valuemed UK Medical Supplies offers student discounts to medical, paramedical, physiotherapy & nursing students on our complete range of medical equipment & medical supplies.

If you are a student & would like a discount code for your university or college please send an e-mail to with the name of your college or university and we will set an online discount code up for you and e-mail you the details.

In the meantime, you may use discount code save5 which is active until the end of June 2012 and gives a 5% discount on goods.

2011 Littmann Stethoscopes Student Promotion.

Littmann stethoscope student promotion

We are pleased to announce the details of the Autumn 2011 Littmann stethoscopes Student Promotion.

This year as an authorised littmann distributor we are able to offer the CARDIAC AUSCULTATION CD as a FREE gift with:

·        Littmann Classic II SE stethoscope 

·        The Cardiac Auscultation CD has proved to be a very popular educational tool, and is unique in its field as it combines heart sounds with MRI scans. This is an ideal gift for all medical students.

The Classic II SE is still the stethoscope of choice for most 1st year medical students, having both a ‘bell and diaphragm’

Stethoscope for medical students-which is the best ?

Yes it’s September again and we are being asked this question by lots of students embarking on a career in medicine. With many medical schools now incorporating clinical training at a much earlier stage than they used to, many 1st year medical students are now buying their own stethoscopes for use in their clinical training and so they can practice on their friends & family.

When I did my medical training we do not see a live patient for the 1st 18 months and were not taught to use a stethoscope until we entered our clinical training after passing the 2nd MB. Now at many universities (though not all) this has changed and the clinical training is incorporated into the theory training at a much earlier stage and the students are encouraged to practice their clinical skills early by practicing on simulators, volunteers and each other.

Which stethoscope should I choose ?

The first thing to say is congratulations on getting into medical school. This is a very exciting time for you.

When deciding which stethoscope to purchase you need to go for a traditional high quality acoustic stethoscope that has both a bell (for listening to heart sounds) and a diaphragm (used mainly for listening to the chest, taking blood pressure and listening to bowel sounds)

Do not be tempted to buy an electronic stethocope at this stage as all medical students need to first aquire their skills on an acoustic stethoscope, as this is the kind of stethoscope that you will use for most of your medical career, and that you will be required to use in clinical exams.

littmann classic 11 se medical student stethoscope

Their is a huge choice available however in our opinion the Littmann Classic 11 SE still remains the best choice for a medical students 1st stethoscope. It is a high quality, simple to use use robust stethoscope that is ideal for medical students. It also offers great value for money and should last you very well. I still have the original Littmann Classic stethoscope that I purchased as a  medical student over 25 years ago, and it is still in good working order !

littmann classic 11 se perl pink stethoscope

The Littmann Classic now also comes in an array of gorgeous tube colours & bell finishes including metallic  (pink perl finish is shown above) so you really can stand out from the crowd if you want to or you can opt for the original classic black tubes which now also comes in a very cool all black option (Littmann classic 11 se black tube, black bell & black headset) see picture below.

littmann classic 11 se all black stethoscope

As you can probably gather from this blog post we love the Littmann Classic 11 Se Stethoscope and it is our top recommendation for medical students for the following reasons:

  • high quality dual head stethoscope
  • reliable & robust in every day clinical use
  • trusted manufacturer
  • the original & in our opinion the best
  • every UK doctor uses a Littmann Classic stethoscope at some time in their career
  • long estabalished Littmann brand
  • great value for money
  • lots of great colours and finishes to choose from

If you like it as much as we do then use this coupon code ADSUM before the end of this September to save 5% on your Littmann Classic 11 SE at

Applying to medical school – Where do I start?

Both of my parents went through UK medical school and went on to become GPs and their accounts of the application process made it seem frankly easy, indeed my dad got in with A level grades: BCC. So I relaxed myself on the notion that I would get in with no trouble at all – what could have changed in just 30 years?

How wrong we were. Competition for places has increased so dramatically, with nearly all applicants with at least AAA at A level and a long and impressive list of both work experience and voluntary work in the medical related field. Ive been told that they don’t even consider you unless you`ve done a lot of voluntary work.

Im currently in Year 12 so will be entering university in September 2012 and applying in a couple of months. I have at present done no work experience or voluntary work in the field, except for the work experience I did through school which was at the local dentists – so slightly related. So I went onto the  – which is an absolutely fabulous website and Iive now got an interview tomorrow to see whether I’ll be suitable for a voluntary placement with a charity that looks after people who have just been discharged from hospital. So all smiles on that front.

As for work experience im hopefully going to do some over the summer holidays. My parents are no longer GPS but my uncle is a consultant at Edinburgh hospital. So theres a possibility I might be able to go there. If not I might just go to our local general practice.

Now onto another aspect of application – entrance exams. The medical schools I wish to apply for are: Oxford (would be absolutely lovely to get into this one), Imperial, UCL, Durham and Liverpool. I was going to apply to Warwick but I dont think they accept undergraduates for medicine. Now for Oxford, Imperial and UCL I need to sit and do well in the BMAT, whilst for Durham I need to sit the UKCAT and Liverpool mercifully requires no entrance exam. When researching this I thought for a while that I was also goiug to have to sit the 6 hour GAMSAT exam, but thankfully thats for graduate entry only. The BMAT seems quite easy, but the UKCAT has some really bizarre sections in it, one requires you to interpret codes and the other is abstract reasoning. Anyway I’m sitting that in July and have bought a practise book.

I havn`t even considered interviews yet – that will be a future hurdle.

Littmann Classic II SE Black Edition Stethoscope

Another new Littmann classic 11 SE in stock this month-we think this is definitely one for the boys

littmann classic 11 se all black edition stethoscope

The Littmann black edition stethoscope is a black on black stethoscope.

If you want a very professional looking stethoscope that stands out from the usual black stethoscopes the Littmann Classic Black edition is an ideal choice. Its distinctive black on black makes it easier to identify and less likely to be misplaced on the ward or picked up by a colleague.

Click here for more info or to buy the Littmann Classic 11 Se Black Edition Stethoscope

Which is the best medical student stethoscope ?

At this time of year we are frequently asked this question.

When I started on my clinical training 27 years ago the medical school that I was at (Liverpool) recommended the Littmann Classic SE stethoscope. I still have that Littmann classic that I purchased 27 years ago and it is still a great stethoscope. When I was in my final year I purchased a Littmann Cardiology as I felt the better acoustics would help me in my final exams. I continued to use that stethoscope throughout my medical career, and I still have it, and yes you guessed it is still a great stethoscope.

 For medical students starting their clinical training the Littmann Classic 11 SE stethoscope is still the recommended stethoscope and offer great value for money at just £45.90 (net VAT)

For those who want to push the boat out a bit more and for medical students in their final year the Littmann Dual 111 Cardiology at £103.99 (net VAT0 is a superb Littmann stethoscope. It is extremely robust, and will stand a life time of use

Click here to see all Littmann stethsocopes

Click here to see more medical student kit

Discount Coupons-Student Discounts

If you are a student and would like a discount coupon for your university or college then e-mail us at with the name of the university or college and we will set you up a code specific for your college or university.

Our current 5% coupon code until the end of June 2010 is: save

use at medical equipment supplier Valuemed

The discount coupon can also be used at our Access Diagnostics fertility website

  • One coupon per order

  • Coupons can be used multiple times

  • discount can be used on any products including Littmann Stethoscopes

  • To use coupon code enter the code exactly as it is typed above and then click update.

  • Please feel free to pass the coupon on

Medical Student Diagnostic set back in stock

After selling out almost immediately upon release, Valuemed is pleased to again be able to offer the Medical Student Clinical Starter Kit.

Offering everything needed for medical students starting clinical attachments the diagnostic sets include a quality stethoscope, aneroid sphygmomanometer with standard adult cuff, otoscope and opthalmoscope for ear and eye examination, A complete set of reflex hammers, 125,256 & 512Hz tuning forks, a pen torch and a tornique

Version 2 of the pack offers the following upgrades. Palm aneroid sphygmomanometer. Tenso medical Otoscope and Opthalmoscope units and additional name tags to allow labelling of the kit.

Purchased individually the original diagnotic equipment set would exceed £225.00 net of UK VAT, the pack is offered with a saving of over £50.00 at £175.00 plus VAT  and delivers free in the UK when purchased online

Thanks to a medical school in the north east, the original stock allocation sold out almost immediately, so demand is expected to be high.

Medical Students Kit

medical student equipment starter kit

Medical student starter kit

We have put together a credit crunching kit for medical students containing everything you need to start your clinical training

Click here to view all the medical student kit including kits with Littmann stethoscopes 

Medical student stethoscopes

Best stethoscope for medical students

At this time of year we get lots of phone calls from parents of medical students who are about to start their clinical training, and want to know which is the best stethoscope to buy them as a gift.

I remember well when I started my clinical training about 20 years ago how excited I was to get my first stethoscope. in those days the only stethoscope that was available to buy from the medical school was the Littmann Classic SE.

I still have mine, and it has performed very well for the last 20 plus years.

I bought it when I started my clinical studies and it served me very well. In my final year at medical school I studied cardiology & persuaded my parents to buy me a Littmann cardiology stethoscope which was fantastic. After I had used this stethoscope with its superior acoustics I never used anything else. It served me very well through my final year, through my house jobs and then through my GP training. I continued to use it as a GP, and it is as good now as the day I bought it.

Click here for more information or to buy Littmann Stethoscopes

There are lots of new brands of stethoscope on the market since I trained 20 years ago, although Littmann still remains the quality stethoscope that all other brands aspire to.

If you are looking for a paediatric or cardiology stethoscope of similar quality to the Littmann Classic look at these MDF stethoscopes below:

MDF-777 Classic paediatric  Stethoscope 

MDF-797 Classic Cardiology Stethoscope

Click here all MDF stethoscopes & medical equipment

Littmann stethoscope for medical students and doctors

Littmann 11 SE stethoscope UK

Littmann Classic 11 SE stethoscope available in lots of tube colours and is an ideal stethoscope for medical students

Littmann Classic II SE doctors stethoscopes are available in a range of tube colours tubes at £57.76 for a limited period

The strong US dollar has pushed the price of Littmann stethoscopes up to UK and EU buyers over recent months with price increases across the entire range.

The Littmann Classic II SE stethoscope remains the benchmark doctors unit against which others are compared. Valuemed remains the only major distributor not tied to a single brand stethoscope manufacturer offering other leading north American brands MDF Stethoscope models and Spirit stethoscope sphygmomanometers etc and its own valuemed range and generic stethoscopes. clinical stethoscopes start from just £3.45

Valuemed offer medical student discounts