Home testing kits for diabetes

With the increase in the number of diabetics diagnosed in the UK and the surrounding publicity in the press in recent years, there has been an increasing demand for home testing kits for diabetes.

Can you test for diabetes at home?

Diabetes can be easily and quickly screened for at home using a urine test strips that detect glycosuria (glucose in the urine ) which is a sign of diabetes.

The presence of glucose in the urine is not a normal finding, and if detected in a non-diabetic means a trip to the doctor for further tests.

You may not have any symptoms and the urine test may be the only indicator of diabetes.

Type 1 diabetes

Type 1 diabetes can develop quite quickly and usually presents with some or all of the symptoms below, though not always. It is most commonly presents in children or young adults.

  • increased thirst
  • increased urination (passing increased volumes of urine or having to urinate more frequently )
  • unexplained weight loss
  • increased hunger
  • fatigue
  • slow healing or increased infections
  • recurrent thrush
  • blurred vision
  • dry mouth

Type 2 diabetes 

In type 2 diabetes the onset is often more gradual and symptoms less severe. Weight loss is not usually a feature of type 2 diabetes. Because the onset is so gradual you may not realise that you have it until it is picked up on a urine test or blood test at the doctor’s. It is much more common if you are overweight. It may also present with any of the symptoms above though not usually weight loss.

How do you test for diabetes at home?

Home diabetes testing kit

Diabetes urine test strips

Collect a urine sample ideally about 2 hours after you have eaten but screening may be carried out at any time of day and dip the glucose test strip into the urine sample and wait the allotted time to read the result. If glucose is detected the pad on the urine test will change colour and give you an indication of how much sugar has been detected in the urine.  The test is very quick and easy to perform and gives immediate results making it very easy to screen your whole family for diabetes regularly.

What to do if the diabetes home test is positive?

If the test is positive or if you have symptoms that suggest you may have diabetes, then you need to make an appointment to see your doctor as soon as possible for further investigations. Do not put it off as it is important to diagnose and treat diabetes quickly to prevent complications.

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If you are diagnosed as diabetic by your doctor it is very helpful to get a buy a blood glucose meter as this enables you to monitor the glucose levels in your blood and aim to keep them within target levels. Blood glucose meters are available to purchase from Valuemed Medical Supplies

FED Blood Glucose meter

Blood Glucose Meter

Home Cholesterol Test Kit | Using a cholesterol test at home

Cholesterol test kits have now been available for home cholesterol testing for over 10 years. All cholesterol home tests involve testing a blood sample, for home cholesterol testing this is obtained using a lancet, or finger prick needle. This makes home cholesterol testing a problem for anyone who is squeemish or has a needle phobia as most kits only supply a single lancet.

Cholesterol is an ever changing component of blood and real time levels are affected by diet to a great degree. Put simply, cholesterol blood levels can be greatly affected by what you have eaten in the last few hours. For this reason all first time cholesterol screening home tests should ideally be done when you have not eaten for the last 8 hrs, ie first thing in the morning before breakfast. This ensures you are measuring the base line or background total cholesterol levels for your body and not just the fat content of the last fatty meal you digested.

If you are testing for the first time and are seeking the re-assurance of a normal cholesterol level, then the simplest and cheapest kits just test for a single total cholesterol level. These kits are easier to complete than the dual measure tests for total and HDL cholesterol levels. These more complex cholesterol tests are better if a raised cholesterol total level has been detected or is suspected, as they differentiate between the good (HDL) and bad total cholesterol, and show what the ratio is at the time of testing. Most first time home cholesterol testers do not need to know this if the total cholesterol level is healthy. The simple total cholesterol test kits available are simple to complete proceedurally by following the user instructions included in the pack, and most people can handle the finger prick to obtain an adequate blood drop sample to complete the total cholesterol test with a clear and accurate result. Talking of accuracy, the manufacturers have to be able to prove that the test gives accurate results in the vast majority of test samples to obtain the CE mark for the test to be sold in Europe. This means if you follow the test instructions you should be able to get a result which is close in accuracy to a laboratory analysed sample result.

If you have detected a raised cholesterol blood level on a home cholesterol test kit using a fasting blood sample then a differential test to split the LDL and HDL levels will help assess the risk factors to health and future action plan. LDL (low density lipoprotein) is the cholesterol which clogs arteries and you want to reduce. HDL (high density) is the good stuff that’s required to build cells and repair the body, you want more of this. Home cholesterol test kits such as the cholestin pack will give a result for both LDL and HDL. these cholesterol home tests are a little more expensive and are more complex to complete but come with good clear instructions and the majority of self testers complet the test with both results obtained reliably. A key tip is to ensure you can use the lancets with confidence to obtain a sufficient blood sample droplet(s) to complet both elements of the test.

For people in treatment for elevated cholesterol levels there are also electronic test monitors which are available with test strips which are read by the monitor to give a digital level. This is cost effective if you are expecting to test regularly, and gets the cost of home testing for cholesterol down to around £5 per test if you allow for depreciation on the electronic monitor.

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Home cystitis test kit

mission home cystitis test kit

The Mission UTI urinary tract infection test strips are for the detection of leucocytes & nitrite in a urine sample to aid in the screening of urinary tract infection & cystitis diagnosis.

They have been designed for home screening and are CE marked for home use. They are quick and easy to use, with immediate results within minutes.

Each pack contains:

  • 3 urine test strips for the detection of cystitis
  • a colour chart
  • instructions for use

Home Cholesterol Testing Kit-quick & easy self test

High blood cholesterol is a risk factor for coronary heart disease.

‘I’m 46 and I know I should probably get my cholesterol checked, but my life is so busy, I just do not have the time right now, to book an appointment and get it checked.’

If this sounds familiar, then a home cholesterol test kit is an ideal way for you to screen yourself for elevated blood cholesterol levels, quickly and cheaply at home.

The home cholesterol test kits have been designed for self testing to be quick and easy to use

Home Cholesterol Testing is simple & quick:

Use the lancet provided to get a drop of blood from your finger tip & apply to the test strip, after 40 seconds compare the colour on the strip to the enclosed chart.

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Visual cholesterol test home test kit

Prostate test for self and home testing now available

Valuemed have re-introduced the home psa prostate cancer screening kit.

The prostate test kit was unavailable for sale for a period of 6 months as the manufacturer and brand transfered hands. Production has now re-started of the original product test kit, supplied via the new UK distributor Pasante

The self test PSA home test screens for elevated levels of the prostate specific antigen ~ PSA in a finger prick of whole blood.

The home testing pack contains everything required to complete one home test in under 10 minutes. The home test is suitable for men wishing to screen for PSA problems, while not specific for prostate cancer, elevated levels of PSA should always be investigated to exclude this disease as the cause.

The test kit is designed as a front line screen and is not suitable to monitor existing PSA levels, it is not quantative, only showing positive for levels on 10ng/ml and above, negative below this level (it does not give the precise level of PSA in ng/ml

For more details of the self test PSA home prostate screening kit see http://www.valuemed.co.uk/acatalog/Home_Prostate_Tests.html

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Home Chalmydia Test Kit from Viola

Screening  for Chlamydia at home in women is now simple & easy. The Viola Chlamydia Health Care Test by Care Diagnostic launched earlier this year is a simple, reliable & fast way for women to screen themselves for Chlamydia infection in the comfort of their own homes. The chlamydia test result is available within 20 minutes and you do not need to send the sample away to a laboratory.

The Viola chlamydia test is a swab test, and is only suitable for use in women. The Viola test is not suitable for use by pregnant women. Chlamydia is a leading cause on infertility in women.

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A quick guide to home fertility tests

 The most commonly used home fertility tests are the home male fertility test and the female FSH test

Both of these test have now been available for several years in the UK and are proving reliable and helpful.

As a general guideline most GP’s will not refer a couple for further investigations until the couple have been trying to conceive without success for at least 12 months if the women is under 35 years of age, and 6 months if she is over 35 years of age.

This time can seem an eternity to the couple, and so many like to do home fertility tests. If the test picks up a fertility problem in either partner it can help speed up the diagnosis and referrral for the couple. If the tests are normal it can help to allay fears and worries and reduce stress.

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Home Testing Kits

There is now a huge array of home test kits that allow you to screen for common diseases & conditions simply & discretely at home.

Most of the home test kits have now been in use for several years & have proved accurate & reliable in use. Most are performed on a urine sample, but some of the home test kits are performed on a blood or saliva sample.

Many of the home test kits are available for under £10 & offer an affordable 1st line screening test

Home test kits are available for the many common conditions. Here are just a few of the home testing kits available:

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New Viola Home Chlamydia Test for women

2010 has seen the release in UK of a new home testing kit to screen for Chlamydia in women in the comfort & privacy of their own home. The Chlamydia test is a simple to use wand test. The test is not suitable for use in pregnant women.

The new chlamydia health care test is from Care Diagnostica  and is ‘reliable, simple and fast’

Untreated Chalamydia Trachomatis can lead to infertility or infections of the urinary or genital tract.

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