Conceive Plus 75ml lubricant

Conceive plus 75ml lubricant

Conceive Plus fertility friendly lubricant

Conceive Plus is a fertility friendly lubricant that has been designed for couples trying to conceive. It has been clinically proven to be nontoxic to sperm and can be safely used by couples trying to conceive. The lubricant has been designed to mimic fertile cervical mucus and to enhance lovemaking without harming or impeding the movement of sperm through the female reproductive system.

Many other intimate lubricants that are not fertility friendly can impede or damage sperm so it is important for a couple trying to conceive to only use a fertility friendly lubricant.

Conceive Plus is manufactured by Sasmar.

Buy Conceive Plus in the UK from Access Diagnostics

Other fertility friendly intimate lubricants include Pre-Seed fertility lubricant are also available to help you conceive.

FertilityScore home male fertility test kit

fertility score home male fertility test kit

Fertilityscore home male fertility test kit

FertilitySCORE is a home fertility testing kit to check sperm count in men.

FertilitySCORE kit was developed in America by an American R & D company Androscore and is now sold in over 30 countries as an over the counter home use medical device to test male fertility.

What makes FertilitySCORE male fertility test unique:

  • FertilitySCORE tests the entire semen (sperm) sample for greater accuracy
  • Each pack contains 2 tests
  • Fertilityscore only counts motile sperm
  • It is a simple color test that can be done at home
  • 93% accuracy in clinical trials making FertilitySCORE Kit a highly effective screening test for male fertility potential.

Why use a home fertility testing kit ?

  • allows the tester to perform the sperm count test in the privacy of their own home
  • may help to speed up referral for investigations
  • many doctors will not initiate investigations until the couple have been trying for at least 12 months. The FertilityScore is an affordable way of screening oneself for male fertility problems.

For more information on the FertilityScore male fertility test kit and other male fertility tests visit Access Diagnostics Fertility


Health issues in the news recently

A recent long term study of 30,000 people has suggested that the development of Parkinsons disease may be related to low levels of Vitamin D

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High stress levels may reduce fertility in women & delay conception. A recent study by Oxford university experts of 274 healthy women between the age of 18-40 has shown for the first time that high stress levels in women may delay pregnancy & that relaxation may help.

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New specialist fertility website launched

Access Diagnostics have this week launched their newest fertility website.

The new site is very quick and easy to navigate.

The online store has a wide range of early pregnancy tests including a range of professional pregnancy tests suitable for GP’s, clinics and  labs etc

Online orders can also be processed with worldpay or through paypal via worldpay

Visit the NEW fertility website for pregnancy tests, ovulation tests, fertility tests and all things fertility related