Workplace drug testing kits

Workplace drug testing is on the increase in the UK, and drug testing kit manufacturers are offering an increased range of instant near-patient drug testing kits for both urine and saliva to meet this increased demand.

Problems with drugs and alcohol are responsible for poor performance at work, days off sick, and they are also implicated in a very large proportion of workplace accidents. As an employer, you have a duty of care to make the workplace as safe as possible. being under the influence of drugs and or alcohol at work has implication for the health and safety of not only the individual using them but also for other members of staff and the general public who come into contact with this employee.

Oral fluid saliva drug testing kits

The range of saliva drug test kits has increased markedly in the last 12 months with manufacturers now offering up to 12 drug screens including alcohol in one test. These 12 in 1 test kits offer businesses a very comprehensive drug and alcohol screen.

Urine drug testing kits

Urine drug test kits are also a popular choice for many companies, as they are far cheaper than an equivalent oral fluid drug test kit, and also offer comprehensive drug screening, and come in a range of drug options.

Visit UK Drug Testing to see our recommended drug testing kits for workplace drug testing

GP’s are well placed to offer occupational drug testing either as part of an employment or pre-employment medical, or on request by companies or individuals. Many occupational health providers already offer drug testing, but as demand for workplace drug testing increases the number of service providers will also need to increase. Many UK companies are already doing there own in house drug & alcohol testing, or are using outside providers to come onsite and perform the tests for them. It is important to remember that onsite tests are screening tests, and that any positive test should be confirmed with a laboratory GCMS urine test with full chain of custody.

If you require any help or advice on choosing and using workplace drug testing kits contact UK Drug Testing  or telephone 01263 731 168 during office hours Monday to Friday 8.30am to 4.30pm

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