Do legal highs show up on drug tests ?

Are there drug testing kits for legal highs?

This is a very common question with the increased availability of drugs known as legal highs (now, in fact, illegal in the UK for just over 12 months) and also known as New Psychoactive Substances (NPS)

Drug test manufacturers are constantly bringing out new drug test kits that can detect these new drugs. The problem for the drug testing kit manufacturers is that as quickly as they bring out a new test, the drug manufacturers quickly try and alter the drug slightly to try to avoid it being detected on drugs tests.

However, we do now have reliable drug test kits available to purchase in the UK for the following new drugs ( NPS ):

drug testing kits for legal highs

MCAT drug test kit

  • MCAT also is known as Mephedrone
  • K2 also known as Spice
  • MDPV Bath Salts
  • Ketamine

Access Diagnostic Tests have been leading the way in the UK in bringing out a multi-panel urine drug test kit that detects these new drugs.

They can be purchased online at UK Drug Testing

Single-drug test cassettes are also available to detect

  • Mephedrone MCAT drug testing kits
  • K2 Spice drug testing kits
  • Ketamine drug test kit