Valumed Coupon Code

Valumed UK medical supplies online

Just a quick post to remind you to use 5% discount coupon code ADT before the end of January 2016 at UK medical supplies website Valuemed

The discount can also be applied at drug testing kits website UK Drug Testing

Delivery is free when you spend over £25 at Valuemed, and when you spend over £75 at UK Drug Testing


Access Diagnostics 10% Coupon Code

There is a 10% online coupon code active at Access Diagnostics fertility, ovulation tests  & pregnancy tests website for the next 5 days only.

The coupon code is AD10 and is active until midnight on Sunday 20/1/13

Low cost delivery options available. Free UK Delivery when you spend over £75

Valuemed Coupon Code

Here is our latest 5% online discount coupon code