Wholesale professional drug testing kits & supplies

Instalert professional drug testing kits

Instalert professional drug testing kits

Professional drug test kits by InstAlert, manufactured by Alere, one of the worlds largest biotech companies are available wholesale in the UK in professional CE packs of 40 cassettes and 50 strip tests and 25-panel test for multiple drug group screening.

Individual packs of these very reliable & accurate professional drug test kits are available for sale from ukdrugtesting.co.uk 

Instalert professional drug testing kits

InstAlert offers the highest level of professional accuracy available from any instant near patient brand, and also a full range of up to 14 drug group test strips. All cut off levels for detection are set to European and UK standard sensitivities, ensuring consistently high standards of drug detection.

Instalert professional wholesale drug test kits are suitable for all types of healthcare drug testing, including clinical trial drug screening and all drug and alcohol treatment and rehabilitation drug testing. The InstAlert range of professional drug testing kits is also ideal for employment and workplace drug testing.

Bulk supplies of professional drug testing kits in any quantity can be supplied in the IntsAlert brand. Also available is a made to order service, where any bespoke combination of drug test strips can be manufactured to a requested combination in 7 panel, 8 panel, 10 panel and even 14 panel drug combinations. Standard combinations are normally available from stock for next day delivery. Professional drug testing kits are available in both urine drug test and saliva drug test formats, but the range of saliva drug testing kits are available in a smaller range.

Access Diagnostic Tests UK also import and distribute WHPM drug test kits, Saliva Confirm drug testing kits , and their own branded range of UKDrugTesting drug testing kits for both urine and saliva.

More information about how to order wholesale professional drug testing kits & supplies is available by contacting UK Drug Testing by e-mail on trade@adtuk.co.uk or telephone 01263 731 168 during office hours Monday to Friday

Uric acid test meter now available in UK


A home test kit for uric acid, the cause of gout, is now available for the first time in the UK. The uric acid test meter is a handheld digital meter which uses a finger prick of blood to test blood levels of uric acid, also known as urate.

High levels of uric acid are associated with painful joint and muscle condition gout. The uric acid test meter allows instant measurement of the uric acid blood levels making a diagnosis of gout fast and easy. The meter is expected to be used by healthcare professionals in surgeries and clinics as an aid to diagnosis. The uric acid meter is also expected to be popular with patients with a history of gout, giving them the ability to monitor their condition and enable earlier treatment decisions when flare-ups occur.

Blood uric acid tests have previously required a whole blood sample to be sent for laboratory analysis, delaying the results for patients and doctors. the uric acid meter uses single-use uric acid test strips which are supplied with the uric acid meter starter packs and are available for sale as uric acid refill test strip packs of 25 uric acid tests

Uric acid test strips

Uric acid test strips

Separate uric acid test strips are supplied with the meter which tests cholesterol blood levels and glucose blood levels. Separate refill packs of cholesterol test strips and glucose test strips are also available making the meter multi-purpose. Extra uric acid test strips for the meter can be purchased online

The uric acid meter starter pack is supplied with lancets and an auto-lancing device which makes finger prick blood sampling simplicity itself. Packs of 100 universal lancets are also available from Valuemed UK Medical Supplies

In conclusion, the uric acid meter system makes uric acid testing simple, easy and low cost, giving fast access to uric acid test results, aiding diagnosis and treatment decision making for physicians and patients.

Urine Testing Strips UK

We have an extensive range of urine testing strips manufactured by leading international biotechnology companies. Access Diagnostic Tests UK Ltd import and distribute the Mission brand of urine Testing kits (URS tests) used by NHS trusts, GP surgeries and private healthcare providers. The urine testing kits are available in single urine test kits for glucose, and ketones, two test urine testing kits for glucose/ketones and glucose/protein,  A 5 pad urine testing kit, and 8 pad urine testing kit (URS-8) and a 10 pad urine testing kt (URS-1o)

Urine testing kits are used by doctors in hospitals and clinics to test human urine instantly for a wide range of disease. A simple urine dip test can detect multiple indicators of disease, most have 8 or 10 individual results, some test up to 12. (these will be available in the Mission range spring 2014)  The great advantage of near patient urine testing kits is that the results from urine dip test are almost instant, available in 1-2 minutes. This makes the decision to seek further tests or to start treatment much easier than waiting for a lab result which may take several days.

The Mission range of urine testing kits is CE marked for import and sale across Europe and worldwide. The brand is marketed at professional healthcare users but is also available for home testing by individuals with medical conditions requiring home diagnosis and monitoring as part of their ongoing healthcare.

The Mission range of Urine Testing kits is available from Valuemed.co.uk and wholesale and bulk sales of the urine test kits are available from adtuk.co.uk

Access Diagnostic Tests UK Ltd also import and distribute the InstAlert brand of professional urine drug testing kits. InstAlert is a leading internationally branded urine drug test kit range, offering both urine drug testing and saliva drug testing options.

Urine drug testing kits are available in single urine test kits for cannabis, cocaine, amphetamine, opiates, methamphetamine, MDMA, ketamine, buprenorphine, benzodiazepines, phencyclidine, barbiturates, oxycodone, cannabis, methadone, TCA, and EDDP. Urine drug testing remains the most cost-effective and clinically reliable method of drug screening used in healthcare and employment procedures. InstAlert urine testing kits are CE, FDA, ISO AND TUV quality certified with market-leading accuracy, specificity, and sensitivity, making them the first choice brand for healthcare professionals worldwide.

The InstAlert professional range or drug urine testing kits is available from www.ukdrugtesting.co.uk

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