Weight loss tips-How to prevent the Christmas weight gain

I love the festive season and really enjoy the process & the food. If you are like me you will have a tendency to put on weight at this time of year. Long cold dark nights coupled with lots of tempting foods in the shops always make this a tricky time for the waistline. The cold weather & shorter days also makes it more difficult to keep active at this time of year. 

So what should we do-do we give in to it and then go on a diet in the new year as lots of us do. Slimming classes are always particularly busy in January-a combination of new years resolutions and overindulgence.

Here are some tried & tested tips if you do not want to have to lose weight in the new year:

  • Ask friends & family not to buy you biscuits or sweets as christmas gifts. Advise them that you are watching your weight or that you need to reduce your sugar intake for health reasons- this second reason ie health seems to carry more weight (excuse the pun) in my experience.
  • If you are going to a party offer to be the driver so that you won’t drink and then overeat. Alcohol munchies is real.
  • If you are going to a buffet have a a healthy snack before you go so that you are not ravenous & tempted to eat everything in sight-party food tends to be very calorific and moreish so you will usually be more restrained if you have already eaten something.
  • Resist seconds. This one is surprisingley effective.
  • Don’t go shopping for food when you are hungry-you will be tempted to buy a lot more junk food
  • Go food shopping on your own so that you are in control of what goes in the trolley
  • Keep out of the crisps, sweets, biscuits & cake isles of the supermarket
  • Do not buy a family size tin of chocolates unless you have enormous self control or you will eat far too many. If you fancy them buy a small box for around 99p and enjoy. The big tins look great value but you will pay with your waistline. 
  • if you have been losing weight by attending a slimming or weight loss class keep going to the class-its very easy to think ‘oh I will go back in the new year’ but by then you may have gained 7 to 12 lbs
  • Get active-there are lots of ways you can get active in winter-try something new-maybe swimming, badmington, a fitness class or Pilates or just wrap up warm and go for a walk. The hardest bit is often getting started. Once you do you may well enjoy it and surprise yourself. Do it now-don’t wait until new year.

These are my tips that I will be following for a healthy start to 2013.

If you have any tips please leave them in comments.