Free Conceive Plus trial size

Our fertility website Access Diagnostics Fertility has 300 packs of Conceive Plus trial size to give away to the first 300 lucky customers who request a free pack when they place their order online.

Each Conceive Plus trial size pack contains 3 pre-filled individual vaginal applicators containing Conceive Plus sperm friendly lubricant for couples trying to conceive.

To take up the Conceive Plus trial size giveaway offer you must place your order through one of our fertility websites and add the special delivery instructions ‘Yes please to free Conceive plus trial size’

To receive the free sample of conceive plus worth £8.99, this must be requested at the time of ordering. This is a limited offer while stocks of the 300 giveaway Conceive Plus trial size last so be quick.

Conceive Plus fertility lubricant

Conceive Plus fertility lubricant

If you miss out on the free sample offer you can buy Conceive Plus fertility lubricant online from Access Diagnostics in the UK

FertilityScore home male fertility test kit

fertility score home male fertility test kit

Fertilityscore home male fertility test kit

FertilitySCORE is a home fertility testing kit to check sperm count in men.

FertilitySCORE kit was developed in America by an American R & D company Androscore and is now sold in over 30 countries as an over the counter home use medical device to test male fertility.

What makes FertilitySCORE male fertility test unique:

  • FertilitySCORE tests the entire semen (sperm) sample for greater accuracy
  • Each pack contains 2 tests
  • Fertilityscore only counts motile sperm
  • It is a simple color test that can be done at home
  • 93% accuracy in clinical trials making FertilitySCORE Kit a highly effective screening test for male fertility potential.

Why use a home fertility testing kit ?

  • allows the tester to perform the sperm count test in the privacy of their own home
  • may help to speed up referral for investigations
  • many doctors will not initiate investigations until the couple have been trying for at least 12 months. The FertilityScore is an affordable way of screening oneself for male fertility problems.

For more information on the FertilityScore male fertility test kit and other male fertility tests visit Access Diagnostics Fertility


Home cystitis test kit

mission home cystitis test kit

The Mission UTI urinary tract infection test strips are for the detection of leucocytes & nitrite in a urine sample to aid in the screening of urinary tract infection & cystitis diagnosis.

They have been designed for home screening and are CE marked for home use. They are quick and easy to use, with immediate results within minutes.

Each pack contains:

  • 3 urine test strips for the detection of cystitis
  • a colour chart
  • instructions for use

Dual head vs single head stethoscope

For most simple tasks, such as taking blood pressure a single head stethoscope is all that is required. Single head stethoscopes have a single diaphragm held in place by a retaining ring. Via the single head, pulses, breath sounds and some cardiac sounds should be clearly audible. By applying pressure to the diaphragm head, the frequency of sounds can be parially modified. In some models is is refered to as a “tunable head” function.

A double head stethoscope has both diaphragm and a bell. The bell has a cone shaped head which normally has no diaphragm and is smaller in diameter to the diaphragm side. This makes it more positionable and in some respects directional, making the location and pin pointing of aucultated sounds more precise. the bell is also better at locating with clarity low frequency sounds.

The dipahragm and bell sides are rotatable around a central core, so one or the other can be selected. Double head stethoscopes are available in a range of sizes with heads from adult, through child or paediatric down to the very smallest neonate head units. Chest pieces are available normally in steel, but some aluminium heads are available. There is little to make one better than the other beyond the weight difference both give good auscultation characteristics in well manufactured stethoscopes. Deluxe units have slightly thicker tubing and head sets vary from central lite sprung units with firm easy clean ear tips through to professional soft sprung with soft fit ear tips for comfort.

Single head stethoscopes start from £3-4 pounds with double head stethoscopes usually a £1 or 2 more.  These cheaper units are ideal for general light ward use and offer perfectly adequate auscultation quality for basic tasks. For heavy regular users, requiring ausculation function to include regular respiratory and cardiac auscultation, high quality clinical branded models start from £25-50

 The Littmann Classic II SE remains the best selling UK double head stethoscope against which most other high quality stethoscope brands are compared. For a great value alternative consider it’s rival North American branded MDF-777 available from valuemed, or our own cardiology model.

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littmann classic 11 se