Home Prostate Test Kit

The prostate health test from SelfCheck is a simple & reliable home test to measure the level of PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) in the blood.

It is an ideal test to screen at home for asymptomatic prostate disease, by measuring the blood PSA level. The test is not for monitoring existing prostate disease.

PSA is a substance made by the prostate gland. Elevated levels of PSA in the blood are linked to problems with the prostate.

An elevated level of PSA can be caused by conditions such as enlargement of the prostate gland, prostatitis, or urinary infection. It can also be an early indication of Prostate cancer.

If the PSA level on the Prostate Health Test is elevated, you need to see your doctor to discuss the result, who may then arrange further investigations or referral.

Each pack contains one single test that is performed at home. There is no need to send the test away to get the results. Results are available in 10 minutes making the test fast & reliable

Home prostate test kit

Home Cholesterol Testing Kit-quick & easy self test

High blood cholesterol is a risk factor for coronary heart disease.

‘I’m 46 and I know I should probably get my cholesterol checked, but my life is so busy, I just do not have the time right now, to book an appointment and get it checked.’

If this sounds familiar, then a home cholesterol test kit is an ideal way for you to screen yourself for elevated blood cholesterol levels, quickly and cheaply at home.

The home cholesterol test kits have been designed for self testing to be quick and easy to use

Home Cholesterol Testing is simple & quick:

Use the lancet provided to get a drop of blood from your finger tip & apply to the test strip, after 40 seconds compare the colour on the strip to the enclosed chart.

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Visual cholesterol test home test kit

Health issues in the news recently

A recent long term study of 30,000 people has suggested that the development of Parkinsons disease may be related to low levels of Vitamin D

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High stress levels may reduce fertility in women & delay conception. A recent study by Oxford university experts of 274 healthy women between the age of 18-40 has shown for the first time that high stress levels in women may delay pregnancy & that relaxation may help.

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New Colour Littmann Cardiology Stethoscopes

Littmann 3m have extended the range of tube colour options on their Dual III cardiology stethoscopes.

The Littmann cardiology stethoscope is now available in navy blue, caribbean blue and a bright red tube option.

The Littmann III Cardiology remains the first choice for medical practitioners internationally, offering superb performance accoustics and longevity due in part to its high quality manufacturing standards.

New colour and traditional tube colour options are shown here Littmann Dual III Cardiology Stethoscopes

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