Clamelle Chlamydia Home Test Kit -best value self test kit for Chlamydia

The Clamelle self Chlamydia screening test kit still offers a great value confidential chlamydia home test screening pack for men and women with laboratory accurate results posted to you in around 7 days.

Clamelle chlamydia home test kit contains everything required, has no swabs & is totally pain free. Clamelle is a complete self testing kit for  for screening for non symtomatic Chlamydia in men and women.

The Clamelle Chlamydia home test contains: Urine sample bottle, transport container, plastic sample bag, pre-paid padded envelope & full instructions.

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Clameele Chlmaydia test kit uk

Nurses clinical medical equipment starter kit

Starting clinical training or needing to replace examination equipment ?

A great value economy clinical pack has been put together offering a complete diagnostic and clinical ward medical kit for an introductory price of £27.60

nurses medical equipment starter kit

See details of nurses clinical kit 

The nurses clinical starter kit pack contains all the following : Aneroid Sphygmomanometer 0-300mmHG with standard adult cuff, Bright light Pen Torch, Taylors Reflex Hammer, Centigrade Thermometer, Double head adult stethoscope all packed in a presentation gift box.

The pack is ideal for any clinician starting clinical attachments including all types of nurses, midwifes, physios, etc

All the contents of the kit are CE certified and suitable for NHS clinical use, additional cuffs are available from  for the sphygmomanometer should paediatric or thigh cuff options be needed as an addition.