Nurse Fob watches just £3.95 silicone infection control fob watches

Value-Med UK has a current promtion offering bright coloured silicone nurse fob watches for just £3.95

Nurses fob watches sale colours

See Nurse fob watch offer 

The metal cased quartz watch movements can be removed from the soft silicone holders, which also incorporate a badge style clasp for pinning to a uniform (also removable) allowing the fob holder to be cleaned or changed for an alternate colour as required.

The nurse fob watches are available in a large range of bright colours and are all available for same day dispatch by first class royal mail parcel service.

NHS hospital breathalyser AL7000 with professional mouth piece covers

Valuemed and our sub division valuebreathalysers now offer the market leading clinic breathalyser the AL7000 in larger clinic pack options with 250 mouth pieces in either standard or the recommended professional uni-directional valve mouth piece covers.

The AL7000 digital breathalyzer is in our opinion an ideal digital breathalyser for NHS clinics, out-patient and A&E services, Mental Health and drugs and alcohol services.

Robust design, simple to operate and with a clear 4 digit display of blood alcohol levels electronically displayed quickly after a  5 second deep lung breath sample. The AL7000 breathalyser gives the tester clear tonal indicators during sampling and calculation. The display range is from 0.000 to 400mg/100ml (UK drink driving level is 80mg/100ml BAC) The AL7000 digital breathalyser displays Blood Alcohol Levels, (not breath alcohol levels) making the electronic conversion for the tester.

A further great design advantage of the AL7000 breathalyser is the ease with which the sensor module can be changed when the calibration is exhausted. This effectively give purchasers the ability to self service and reset the unit simply by replacing the pre-calibrated sensor module, accessed by a simple cover on the rear of the breathalyser (no screw drivers or tools required) The sensor will require regular exchange in high volume test environments, either when contaninated or on a regular 300 test cycle to ensure high accuracy of +/-0.005%BAC offered by the unit.

Full PPQ details are available for NHS purchasers by return e-mail to further details and full technical specifications of the AL7000 digital breathalyser are available on-line from

Minimum alcohol unit price called for

NICE has again supported the call for a minimum price per unit of alcohol in its new guide Alcohol use disorders: preventing the development of hazardous and harmful drinking.

Alcohol needs to be less affordable and harder to buy in order to avoid young people developing regular exposure and dependency. NICE also supports a ban on alcohol advertising, to protect high risk groups. The call comes at a time supermarkets are TV advertising below cost alcohol in bulk cases as promotional items. The large supermarket groups and the alcohol industry are unlikely to support the move without government legislation.

NICE guidance is available to download from

Alcohol testing strip tests for alcohol detection

Summer Discount Coupon

Thought it was about time we posted a coupon code so here is a 5% discount coupon for the summer & early autumn months from Valuemed and Access Diagnostics

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Medical student starter kit now supplied to UK medical schools

The valuemed medical student starter kit is proving popular with medical schools in the UK

The pack now contains a palm aneroid sphygmomanomater, but can be supplied with the traditional two tube standard aneroid sphyg upon request.

Valuemed  is shortly to introduce a clinic kit pack, aimed at GP surgeries and NHS clinic’s to include a desk sphygmomanometer, otoscope, opthalmoscope, a lite double head stethoscope in a bright colour to avoid “walkabouts” torniquets, pen lights and reflex hammers