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Accutane – Month 4, Day 107 , week 16

7:06:2010 – Returned to the hospital to see the dermatologist, who increased my dose from 30mg a day to 60mg, which I still take in one go.

The affect has been very quick all the acne is starting to diminish under this heightened dose. I no longer have any active acne on my arms or chest and my back is clearing up also. Obviously along with this my skin has become very very dry and almost flaky. Im now using two moisturizers on my face along with aloe vera gel, which was a really useful tip from “”.

I am not getting many adverse side effects from the drug. I certainly dont feel suicidal or even depressed. At some points, whilst I was on the lower dose I had some moments of feeling very down, but these were when I was very tired. I think being on the drug made those moments worse, rather than actually causing them.

Recently I have given up caffeine and am sleeping much better as a result of this and have not had one of these moments for a while. <(-_-)>

Still have not had a single nosebleed since applying vaseline constantly twice a day. Again <(-_-)>

 And my skin is looking is looking the best its looked for a very long time. <(-_-)>

Prostate test for self and home testing now available

Valuemed have re-introduced the home psa prostate cancer screening kit.

The prostate test kit was unavailable for sale for a period of 6 months as the manufacturer and brand transfered hands. Production has now re-started of the original product test kit, supplied via the new UK distributor Pasante

The self test PSA home test screens for elevated levels of the prostate specific antigen ~ PSA in a finger prick of whole blood.

The home testing pack contains everything required to complete one home test in under 10 minutes. The home test is suitable for men wishing to screen for PSA problems, while not specific for prostate cancer, elevated levels of PSA should always be investigated to exclude this disease as the cause.

The test kit is designed as a front line screen and is not suitable to monitor existing PSA levels, it is not quantative, only showing positive for levels on 10ng/ml and above, negative below this level (it does not give the precise level of PSA in ng/ml

For more details of the self test PSA home prostate screening kit see

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Professional PSA test kits now available 40 PSA test cassettes

Valuemed again is pleased to offer clinics, labs and hospital doctors availability of these high quality low cost professional packs of 40 PSA test cassettes

One Step PSA 3 line Test Device (Serum/Plasma)

The Rapid Test PSA test device is a rapid chromatographic immunoassay for the half-quantative detection of PSA in human serum or plasma to aid the diagnosis of prostate disease.

Detects 10ng/ml Human PSA available from UK stock, futher details of PSA professional test kits