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Wholesale pregnancy tests

We have an extensive range of both home early pregnancy tests & professional pregnancy tests for wholesale & NHS purchasers from leading manufacturers including Clearblue, Clearview, Instalert, and the Advanced range of home pregnancy tests.

We have pregnancy tests in a range of sensitivities including 10mIU, 20mIu and 25mIU hcg detection and a variety of formats including strips, cassettes & midstream pregnancy tests.

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Home Chalmydia Test Kit from Viola

Screening  for Chlamydia at home in women is now simple & easy. The Viola Chlamydia Health Care Test by Care Diagnostic launched earlier this year is a simple, reliable & fast way for women to screen themselves for Chlamydia infection in the comfort of their own homes. The chlamydia test result is available within 20 minutes and you do not need to send the sample away to a laboratory.

The Viola chlamydia test is a swab test, and is only suitable for use in women. The Viola test is not suitable for use by pregnant women. Chlamydia is a leading cause on infertility in women.

See our full range of home health screening test kits

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Isotretinoin – Month 3, week 10, Day 68

7th May 2010: Roaccutane is working very well. All the huge cysts have gone from my face now and I have only small pimples, which come and go within a few days.

My lips are extremely dry and even excessive use of lipsyls wasn`t working – also I don`t like using vasaline. However I have found that one works very well now – called aloe lips, making the whole experience a lot more comfortable. My skin was becoming very dry as Istopped using the “simple” mositurizer, because it had stearic acid (comedogenic) within it. However one trip to Boots produced a non-comedogenic moisturizer, which has fixed this.

I have only a couple of tiny marks left on my chest now, which I’m pleased about and all the acne on my arms and back is drying! Hah! However it seems to mark the skin on my arms really badly – much worse than it marks my face. However other marks that I have had here have faded over time – so I remain confident.

The nosebleeds have stopped completely – with the use of vaseline on the inside of my nose.

A couple of weeks ago I got a strange rash on my arm- it was a patch of extremely dry skin and it looked very like eczema, which I have never had in my life. Thankfully it has gone , with the use of moisturizer on the spot.

 My GCSEs are approaching and the “stress” doesnt seem to be causing any breakouts. YEY!

 I return to see the dermatoligist, probably to get my dose upped – in exactly one month – 7th June.

Clamelle Chlamydia Test Kit-Screen for Chlamydia at home

The Clamelle home chlamydia screening test has been  a very useful addition to the home health testing armoury. The Clamelle test kit comes with everything required to screen for Chlamydia discretely at home

The Clamelle chlamydia screening test is different to the Viola Chlamydia test in that it tests a urine sample, the test is suitable for both men and women (Viola is only suitable for women to use), and the urine must then be sent away to the lab for the results. The results are then posted back directly to the customer within 7 days

It enables you to screen yourself for Chlamydia using a simple urine lab test. It has proved highly accurate in clinical trials and has proved very popular with consumers.

Currently this service is only offered to UK residents.

The results of the Clamelle chlamydia test are completely confidential.

Many cases of Chlamydia are completely asymptomatic, and so this home testing kit allows individuals to screen themselves

Click here for more info on Home Chlamydia Testing Kits

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A quick guide to home fertility tests

 The most commonly used home fertility tests are the home male fertility test and the female FSH test

Both of these test have now been available for several years in the UK and are proving reliable and helpful.

As a general guideline most GP’s will not refer a couple for further investigations until the couple have been trying to conceive without success for at least 12 months if the women is under 35 years of age, and 6 months if she is over 35 years of age.

This time can seem an eternity to the couple, and so many like to do home fertility tests. If the test picks up a fertility problem in either partner it can help speed up the diagnosis and referrral for the couple. If the tests are normal it can help to allay fears and worries and reduce stress.

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For more information about fertility related issues visit our fertility blog

Professional Pregnancy Tests

Access Diagnostics Fertility supplies an extensive range of professional pregnancy tests for GP’s , clinics, hospitals, labs, and professional end users.

Our range of professsional pregnancy tests is available in 20, 25, 50 pregnancy test pack options with a choice of pregnancy tests strips, pregnancy tests cassettes or midstream pregnancy tests in a range of sensitivities.

Discounts are available on bulk buys of professional pregnancy tests for NHS, healthcare, prisons, labs, etc.

 Telephone 01623 883 830 during office hours 9-5pm for discount pricing or e-mail trade@adtuk.co.uk

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