Home Testing Kits

There is now a huge array of home test kits that allow you to screen for common diseases & conditions simply & discretely at home.

Most of the home test kits have now been in use for several years & have proved accurate & reliable in use. Most are performed on a urine sample, but some of the home test kits are performed on a blood or saliva sample.

Many of the home test kits are available for under £10 & offer an affordable 1st line screening test

Home test kits are available for the many common conditions. Here are just a few of the home testing kits available:

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Isotretinoin – Day 37

The Initital breakout sucked…

Between weeks 2-4 I developed many pus filled cysts, especially on  my cheeks. Now at the beginning of week 6 they are all going down: “slowly but surely” is an idyllic, apt thrase for the improvement.

My lips are incredibly dry (no matter how much vaseline I apply) and without the use of an intense moisturizer my skin gets very dry also – but those side effects were not unexpected and are in some ways reassuring as they show it is working.

The acne on my arms, back and chest is all reseading also. I love not having to use the blue light for hours and applying Benzoyl Peroxide (such a fowl chemical) to my skin, but my acne is still improving: at the moment I love this drug.

 Side effects so far; Dry skin and lips, headaches (occasionally), nose bleeds (from time to time – must remember to apply vaseline to the inside of my nose everyday – dont want to have one of these whilst at school), very dry hair, less reistance to disease ( I’ve had a lot of colds, which I usually dont get!).