New in-Littmann Electronic Stethoscopes

Valuemed is now an official Litmmann 3M UK Distributor & we have the 2 exciting new Littmann electronic stethoscopes in stock. Both stethsocopes have black tubes

The 3M Littmann Model 3100 electronic stethoscope delivers both exceptional sound quality and a simple-to-operate user interface. With these sound and usability improvements, you might never go back to your old stethoscope.

Clinical studies have shown that using the 3M Littmann Electronic 3100 stethoscope makes it easier to detect the harder to hear sounds, such as S3 gallops, aortic regurgitation and abnormal lung sounds.

The 3M Littmann Model 3200 electronic stethoscope is the most advanced Littmann stethoscope that is currently available. This stethoscope will allow you to Hear It, Record It, Send It and Confirm It.

The Model 3200 features a LCD screen to give you as much information as possible. The LCD display on the Littmann Model 3200 will display:

•Heart Rate of the patient- this is displayed after 5 seconds and updates every 2 seconds
•Volume- you can amplify the heart and lung sounds up to 24 times
•Battery Life- audible alerts are also given when the battery life is beginning to get low (operates on a single AA battery)
•Mode- shows you if the Electronic 3200 is in bell or diaphragm mode
•Backlight- ideal for low light conditions

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