New in-Littmann Electronic Stethoscopes

Valuemed is now an official Litmmann 3M UK Distributor & we have the 2 exciting new Littmann electronic stethoscopes in stock. Both stethsocopes have black tubes

The 3M Littmann Model 3100 electronic stethoscope delivers both exceptional sound quality and a simple-to-operate user interface. With these sound and usability improvements, you might never go back to your old stethoscope.

Clinical studies have shown that using the 3M Littmann Electronic 3100 stethoscope makes it easier to detect the harder to hear sounds, such as S3 gallops, aortic regurgitation and abnormal lung sounds.

The 3M Littmann Model 3200 electronic stethoscope is the most advanced Littmann stethoscope that is currently available. This stethoscope will allow you to Hear It, Record It, Send It and Confirm It.

The Model 3200 features a LCD screen to give you as much information as possible. The LCD display on the Littmann Model 3200 will display:

•Heart Rate of the patient- this is displayed after 5 seconds and updates every 2 seconds
•Volume- you can amplify the heart and lung sounds up to 24 times
•Battery Life- audible alerts are also given when the battery life is beginning to get low (operates on a single AA battery)
•Mode- shows you if the Electronic 3200 is in bell or diaphragm mode
•Backlight- ideal for low light conditions

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pH test for urine and saliva with dual pad accuracy

ph test strips urine saliva

ph test strips

Dual pad pH test strip in 80 strip packs are again available from Valuemed

The ph tests had previously been available under the phion brand, but in 2009 phion moved to a single pad ph test strip pack.

Many consumers prefered the dual pad matching of the original option, so this is again available in ph Health brand in packs of 100 tests.

The pH test can be used in any liquid but is designed for human testing using either saliva or urine.

The pH detection range is  4.5 to 9.0 (4.5, 5.0,5.5, 5.75, 6.0, 6.25, 6.5, 6.75, 7.0, 7.25, 7.5, 8.0, 8.5, 9.0)

Unlike most pH test strips on the market pH Health and pHion both give a clear indication in small pH unit increments. 0.25pH as above.

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NEW professional PSA test launched by Access Diagnostics

After a break of almost 2 years Access Diagnostic Tests UK Ltd & ValueMed again offers to EU laboratory and health care screening centres, packs of 40 professional PSA test cassettes.

CE certificated, with TUV and ISO production certification the 3 line CRT test membrane for serum and or plasma.

The Rapid Test PSA test device is a rapid chromatographic immunoassay for the half-quantative detection of PSA in human serum or plasma to aid the diagnosis of prostate disease.

Detects 10ng/ml Human PSA and gives results in around 10 minutes.

The lack of a reliable CE certified instant test has left screening programs with the only option of laboratory analysis for the last 18 months. It is hoped the re-introduction of a near patient rapid test will see both the cost and speed of reporting benefit end users.

Further details of professional diagnostics test kits

Selfcheck prostate disease screening home test

Available once more for self screening the selfcheck PSA prostate test kit is available for sale from

The prostate screening self testing kit comes complete with lancets, instructions and buffers, everything required to take a finger prick of blood for home psa testing.

The complete prostate test takes about 15 minutes to complete and will screen for elevated levels of PSA in the blood over a specified level.

All positive results should be followed up immediately with confirmation laboratory tests and medical investigation.

The prostate test kit is intended as a first stage screen in healthy men. As the result is simply positive or negative it is not possible to use the prostate tests to monitor or measure changes in elevated psa or borderline psa levels

Further details and online purchasing of the psa selfcheck prostate test kit

Benzoyl Peroxide – “Digests Bacteria: But what is it doing to my skin?”

Many over the counter and prescription creams and gels, manufactured for the treatment of acne contain Benzoyl (or Hydrogen) Peroxide. Scientists and dermatoligists have found that this chemical reduces bacterial levels within the skin by 95%, after 5 days of usage. An achievement it would take tetracycline and erythromycin 2 months to achieve. No wonder then, that this is described as the “gold” of acne treatments.

I like many others, used this chemical (Benzoyl peroxide 2.5%) to treat my acne, for around 2 months. Whilst using I certainly saw its promised results: my acne did go down a lot ( but it never got me clear) – from huge ulcer like cysts to mere pimples.

However the damage this drug inflicted upon me, spolit the results. Initially, I was niave enough to believe that it wouldn’t dry my skin out that badly and dabbed it on liberally with no moisturizer – nothing. It turned me bright red and a couple of days later my skin wasn’t just flaking off (as mentioned could happen within the first days of use) but was rather peeling off – huge chunks at a time. After prolonged use the redness became less pronounced and the dryness went completely (with use of a moisturiser).

I found Benzoyl Peroxide to be a harsh topical treatment for acne, perhaps the harshest (although I’ve read thats Retin A) and my advice to anyone who is using it would be:

  1. Use only 2.5% gels and creams (5% and 10% literally do just burn you – this is a a face peel)
  2. Use tiny amounts and spread over large areas of skin
  3. Use a good moisturiser (one that doesn’t contain oil otherwise its counterproductive)
  4. Dont use a greasy “moisturising” soap  – I found it made my acne so much worse.
  5. Dont apply it with other creams ( I tried using it with adapalene to negliagable results)
  6. Wear  suncream if exposing skin to sun for a long session (Bp makes the skin a lot weaker and far more prone to sunburn)

Conclusion: I acknowledge that for many BP is a godsend. But for me the side effects so far from Roaccutane have been less than those I endured with BP.

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Isotretinoin – Day 8

8 March 2010: Have now taken 240mg of Isotretinoin in total and can definately feel it within me. My lips are now really dry and begin to crack, without the use of vaseline. My skin feels more fragile – when I apply moisturisier it stings a little (the way it used to when I first started using benzoyl peroxide) and I can see now why the dermatoligist wanted me to stop all other treatments.

 Last week I suffered from a few minor headaches. I think this may have been whilst I still had moderately high doses of tetracycline in me, which increases the risk of “idiopathic intracranial hypertension” – basically headaches. These have now ceased, which has pleased me since it suggests that it wasnt accutane alone causing them.

Positive: My acne has not broken out as badly as I expected. I expected that it would return, as it was before christmas – severe nodulocystic. However since starting accutane I haven’t had a single cyst develop (on my face anyway – I don’t look at my back). I have had a lot of new spots come, but they are small, come to a head and heal very quickly. Much quicker than I think they would if I was not taking isotretinoin.

Isis Fertility microscope makes ovulation prediction easy and cheap

fertility microscope

Fertility microscope

Isis is a compact but powerful mini ovulation miscroscope, designed for everyday self testing of a saliva sample.

How does a sample of saliva predict fertility cycles and ovulation ?

Simple, by the crystals of oestrogen which form salt deposits in an easy to detect fern or snow flake patern at certain key stages of each cycle.

Isis ovulation microscope is used to simply magnify these salt patterns and make them visible to the user. After a few cycles it becomes easy to recognise the ferning patterns and detect the early or transitional phase, when the ferning is just starting to develop. This co-incides with ovulation and is used as a timing indicator of the most fertile part of each cycle. By timing intercourse in this phase, the chances of conception are maximised for couples trying to conceive.

Isis ovulation microscope is available to buy online from Access Diagnostics Fertility web sites, it can be used in conjunction with any other fertility prediction method, BBT, LH urine tests, Fertility Monitor systems, but in studies it is shown to be 97% accurate when used alone and 99% when used in conjuction with BBT (basal body temperature)

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New TENSO Medical Clinical Diagnostic Otoscope for sale

otoscope for sale UK

Tenso professional otoscope

Valuemed is proud to offer for sale the latest clinical Otoscope from market leading manufacturer TENSO medical.

Offering the latest in design and affordability the TENSO diagnostic otoscope is a full standard size clinical otoscope with a machine turned precision battery handle (takes 2 standard CC battery or rechargeable equivalents) The otoscope is supplied with a bright luminescence bulb with ajustable brightness control, allowing the clinician greater control than with standard on-off controls.

The TENSO professional diagnostic Otoscope is supplied in a protective impact storage case, Comes with 3 aural specula in small medium and large lumen which are sterilisable and attach in the standard bayonet manor. The 2 times magnification lens is removeable. The otoscope does not have an insuflation port (as this is rarely if ever used by the majority of users) making the head design clean and user freindly.

The Otoscope head detaches from the battery handle in a clean bayonet push and rotate motion, with a crisp precision feel to the action and manufacturing quality is excellent.

Verdict: A highly professional, quality well manufactured full size clinical otoscope, offering modern robust design at a great price. Ideal clinic OPD and GP choice

Click here for more info or to buy professional clinical diagnostic Otoscopes

Silicone Infection Control Nurses Fob Watches ~spare covers and batteries available

Valuemed have now available for UK sale a range of quartz nurse fob watches in a selection of bright colour silicone fob holders.

The fob watch holders include a badge like safety pin clip for easy attatchment and the quartz steel cased battery watch pushes firmly into the silicone holder.

The fob watch offers a quality quartz movement with easy read first and second hands.

The silicone fob holders can be sterilised in standard sterilising solutions and can also be cleaned using alcohol based products.

Click here to see more medical & nursing equipment for sale 

New Steel Tuning Forks in 128, 256 & 512Hz

Tuning forks for sale UK

Tuning Forks Medical

Clinical tuning forks in high quality stainless steel and aluminium are available to buy online for GP,s hospitals and clinics

Available in a variety of designs including a hooped and non hoop option the units come manufactured in steel and also low weight aluminium.

While steel tuning forks are more robust and are less likely to dent or scratch, the aluminium light weight option is best for clinic or surgery use where the tuning forks will be stored carefully and used only occasionally.

For heavy duty use, such as GP bags , select the steel option.The tuning forks are available in 128, 256 & 512Hz

Tuning forks are also useful for medical students doing neurology to practice their neuro examinations.

Click here for more information on the range of clinical tuning forks available for sale or to buy a tuning fork

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Isotretinoin – Day 1

March 1st 2010:

Returned to the dermatoligist today, with healthy blood tests, and was finally put on a generic form of Hoffman Laroche`s (Ro)accutane. I weigh 63kg and was therefore started on 30mg daily ( 0.5mg/kg/day).

Picked up the tablets from hospital pharamacy the same day and then returned to school. I was in an ecstatic state all day. Have disposed (finally) with my tetracycline tablets and benzoyl peroxide creams – it was a very good feeling.

I plan to continue using the blue light therapy (less frequently) throughout the first months of accutane use, to help it along a bit. I am a little nervous about the drying affect of Isotretinoin, but am confident that it cannot be much worse than what benzoyl peroxide did to me when I first used it.

Am about to take the first capsules with dinner now – I am sure that in 4/5 months time I will be extremely glad of my decision to take this drug.

Low cost Durex Condoms online

UK’s leading brand condoms are available online at Valuemed medical supplies including Durex and Pasante.

Durex condoms include Durex Pleasuremax, Durex Elite, Durex Performa, Durex XL, & Durex Close Fit Condoms

Pasante Condoms include Pasante Regular, Pasante Trim, Pasante Large, Pasante King Size, Pasante Naturelle, Pasante Ribbed, Pasante Delay, Pasante Dotted, Pasante Ribbed & Dotted, Pasante Mixed Flavour, Pasante Tropical Flavour, Pasante Glow in the Dark, Pasante Pleasures.

Mates Condoms include Mates Large and Mates Ribbed.

Special offer condom packs are also available and also bulk condom packs offering massive savings over smaller packs of condoms

Roche Accutane (isotretinoin) – “magic cure” or ”dangerous drug”

This is a matter which has concerned me for a long time – is Ro-accutane safe?

I, as I’m sure have many, have read a huge amount of content both pro and anti Ro-accutane.

There are many accounts of its success, but also its potential side effects. Some websites even seem to imply that there is a liklihood that it will kill you – this worried me hugely. But after speaking to a professional consultant dermatologist I am far less worried. He told me that he has treated thousands of people with isotretinoin and most experience only dry skin and chapped lips, with some occasionally getting joint aches.

Therefore to me it seems that the side effects of this drug are completely over hyped. The worst culprits for this, I feel are companies trying to sell you “acne vitamens”. To me this implies that if they feel the need to discredit Ro-accutane, it is most likely because it achieves better results than their product does. 

Therefore I have personally come to the conclusion that only one who has never suffered from acne would argue that Ro-accutane is definately not worth consideration. However I do acknowledge the very real danger posed to pregnancies, of those on this drug.