Isotretinoin – my only option.

Although the skin on my face is 100 times better, my back, chest and now arms also, are terrible. I cannot treat it with BP, for I would use a whole tube each time I applied it and the blue lamp is so time consuming already just using it on my face, so I cant use that either.

Feb 2010: I went to see an NHS dermatoligist (we decided against private as my skin was improving with topical treatments), with the intention of asking to be put on Ro-accutane (isotretinoin) or one of its generics. When I asked, and with only my newly improved face to go on, he looked very sceptical as to whether I needed Ro-accutane. But after I showed him my back and arms (my chest is not really that bad) he agreed instantly.

Now, in the UK, the prescription procedure for R`tane is much quicker (no i-ipledge), all I had to do was have my blood test fine. I had my blood taken, at the GPs a few days after and expect them to be fine. I return to see the dermatoligist on the 1st march 2010 and presuming my blood tests have been fine, i will be prescribed it and begin the course the same day. I dont yet know how long im going to be put on it for and at what dose – that will be determined 1st march. At present I am a little concerned as to what will happen to my face when I drop all other treatments ( as you have to when taking R`tane). Isotretinoin is suppose to cause an initial breakout anyway – so I am certainly not looking forward to the first month on it. My derm did say that if it gets really I can come back and be prescribed “emergency” steroids to prevent the inflamatory response.

Medical Student Diagnostic set back in stock

After selling out almost immediately upon release, Valuemed is pleased to again be able to offer the Medical Student Clinical Starter Kit.

Offering everything needed for medical students starting clinical attachments the diagnostic sets include a quality stethoscope, aneroid sphygmomanometer with standard adult cuff, otoscope and opthalmoscope for ear and eye examination, A complete set of reflex hammers, 125,256 & 512Hz tuning forks, a pen torch and a tornique

Version 2 of the pack offers the following upgrades. Palm aneroid sphygmomanometer. Tenso medical Otoscope and Opthalmoscope units and additional name tags to allow labelling of the kit.

Purchased individually the original diagnotic equipment set would exceed £225.00 net of UK VAT, the pack is offered with a saving of over £50.00 at £175.00 plus VAT  and delivers free in the UK when purchased online

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Clinical Goniometer 21.5cm for sale

A clinical steel construction Goniometer 21.5cm compact is available to buy online from Valuemed.

Used to measure and record joint angles where orthopaedic problems exist the clinical goniometer makes an ideal choice for GP surgery purchase, taking the guess work out of angle estimations.

The 21.5cm model is an ideal length for easy storage without being too short for accurate alignment.

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Photo therapy and its dramatic effect on me

December 2009: Whilst my mother was trying to get me a private derm, my father was also spending money to try and solve this for me. It was really damaging my self esteem and I had no motivation to do anything other than watch tv and escape reality through computer games, such as Runescape.

At the time I was also doing my GCSE mocks, which didn’t help by adding to my stress. Anyway my dad bought an acne lamp, which effectively is just a blue lamp. You hold this to your skin and it activates some chemical in the bateria causing them to fry themselves. I`ve heard that if you have this treatment done prefessionally it hurts quite a lot, but I personally have noticed no side effects.

Within about three weeks the skin on my face was looking so much better I no longer had huge cysts and nodules and had fewer pimples. The change was incredible. However it would be unfair to attribute all this improvement to the blue lamp. I was still taking Lymacycline (although this is clearly not the reason for the improvement since I still have sever acne on my back and chest) and I was still using benzoyl peroxide. Together it seems BP and the acne lamp have cleared up my face considerably, to the point were I have no more acne than most people in my year at school (Year 11) and I was so much happier with my life, come new year.

2010 had started on a positive.

Lower price multi panel 10 drug test for clinics and hospitals

The cost of the market leading Instalert 10 panel drug test has been reduced to UK purchasers.

The Multipanel drug screen is available in 2 formats, as a dip test 10 panel drug test card and also as the E-Z integrated collection cup and drug test panel. The E-Z is the prefered collection system of most end users, avoiding direct urine handling and also having a temperature strip and sample retention if confirmation testing is indicated.

Both 10 panel drug tests screen for Cocaine, Amphetamine, Methamphetamine, Cannabis, Methadone, Benzodiazepines, Barbiturates, MDMA, Tricyclic antidepressants, and Opiates (Heroin)

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This also makes an ideal choice for employers wanting to do workplace drug screening.

Severe Acne vulgaris and its affect on teenage psychological health

November 2009: My acne had become severe, I would have described it as acne fulminaris. My dermatolical appointment was not until february 2010. I was desperate and began to search the internet. I came across the website, which heavily recommends benzoyl peroxide. I had heard that this was extremely irritating and dryed your skin out terribly.

However i really didn’t care anymore so went to the chemist and bought BP 10%. My face went bright bright red and flaky and I immediatly abandoned BP and returned to adapalene.

December 2010: Acne getting really severe, with huge nodules and cysts starting to join together – to form like a riverworks of acne. I am forced to re-try BP. This time 2.5% and with a good mositurizer. It doesnt have the severe affect as it did the first time. It seemed to be drying the spots out effectively but I had so many at this point that I could see no dramatic improvement. My acne was so bad my mother thought that I could have a secondary infection and retruned me to the GP to ask to see a private dermatoligist.

Silicone Infection Control Nurses Fob Watch-colourful & practical

Put some colour into your working day with these lovely colourful Nurses Fob Watches

High quality quartz movement Nurses Fob Watches now available to buy online from Valuemed

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The Fob Watches are available in a range of 10 bright colour holders, and also with spare silicone holders available to make colour changes easy.  Spare batteries are also available and may be purchased seperately.

The silicone holders are latex free and may be cleaned using any of the widely available sterilising solutions.

Available in yellow,white, blue, orange ,pink, black , green & purple.

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Erythromycin for Acne treatment

September 2009: My acne was beginning to become nodular and it was covering my back and chest. Therefore my mother insisted that we return to see the doctor, although i at the time was adamate that commercial products would eventually work. The doctor kept my on adapalene, which i had continued to use with commercial products. But changed my antibiotic prescription to erythromycin.

I was sceptical at the beginning, thinking that this would do nothing – how wrong I was. Within 2 weeks I was completely, and I mean completely clear. I was ecstatic, unfortunately the results were short lived. The bacteria became resistant very quickly – in about 2 weeks my acne was descending back into its prior severity and the erythromycin was starting to have its common side effect of making my skin ridiculously greasy. Moreover I begun to acquire strange rashes on my arms ( target shaped), which on examination of the leaflet proved to be a known side effect of erythromycin. My doctor removed my prescription immediately and returned me to lymacycline. He then refered me to an NHS dermatoligist for stronger treatments.

Commercial treatments – creams/scrubs/washes/gels – CLEARASIL

August 2009: However no good thing lasts forever and in the summer of 2009 my acne entered a stage, which one would dub: moderate. I, in my ignorance, presumed that the medication prescribed by my GP, didnt work properly. I prefered, foolishly I see now, to place my trust and reliance in the hands of the commercial products.

I tried loads of exfoliating scrubs, ( the one i found worked best was St Ives), antiseptic washes (boots, clearasil, clearasil ultra ect). I must have spent hundreds of pounds and hours upon hours in the bath and shower, but nothing worked. I found however that my condition did inprove after strong exposure to sun light but I would not advise this as a treatment, as it can have disatrous long term affects.

Developing Acne Vulgaris

December 2008: Soon my skin condition began to get worse. It started getting worse as winter came and I spent less of my time exposed to UV (which is known to effectively kill proporibacterium – but which is never used as a treatment due to its long term damage on the skin). Therefore I once again returned to the doctor for a new treatment.

He gave me an adapalene gel (Differin) and an antibiotic (Lymacycline/ tetracycline 300mg). The combination had a miraculous effect and cleared most of the acne, within a month. I continued to use the treament for about half a year and although it never had me completely clear, I had only a couple of small pimples, which was commonplace within school.

Mild Acne, at the age of 13.

Guest blogger saying hello 

I am currently 15 years of age (15 and  1/2 to be precise) and I have suffered from acne for around 2 years. Originally it was extremely mild and my GP prescribed me Zineryt, which was intended to kill the proporibacteria. I do not fully know the effectiveness of Zineryt, since at the time, the acne was so mild, I thought it not worth my time trying to fight it. Therefore I only occasionally bothered to apply and consequently it had very little affect. 

Guest bloggers

We have a guest blogger coming online to blog about Acne from his personal perspective

If you would like to join our team of contributors please do get in touch. You can blog about anything health or medicine related.

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New Viola Home Chlamydia Test for women

2010 has seen the release in UK of a new home testing kit to screen for Chlamydia in women in the comfort & privacy of their own home. The Chlamydia test is a simple to use wand test. The test is not suitable for use in pregnant women.

The new chlamydia health care test is from Care Diagnostica  and is ‘reliable, simple and fast’

Untreated Chalamydia Trachomatis can lead to infertility or infections of the urinary or genital tract.

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