NHS Purchasing Medical supplies

A complete online catalogue of medical diagnostics including the diagnostic biotech, together with discount medical equipment such as Littmann stethoscopes, sphygmomanometers, reflex hammers, pen torches etc are available for NHS purchasers, GP’s clinics and research and university purchasers via valuemed.co.uk for professional medical supplies.

Easy to use search features are available on each site. Product availability is live, real time with goods shipping same day office hours up to 5pm for online orders received and accepted. NHS purchase orders are accepted on standard NHS terms, full contact details are available on each site.

Valuemed is operated by parent company Access Diagnostic Tests UK Ltd , an approved suplier with many NHS Trusts and MHT’s of drug screening and other diagnostic tests since 1997

Product PPQ,s are available on Medical Diagnostic products. Full IFU data sheet copy for disposable biotech is also available upon request. Access Diagnostics also offers bulk contract terms on many lines to NHS purchasers.

AL7000 Clinical Digital Breathalyser Launched

The new AL7000 digital hand held breathalyzer offers clinicians the ideal low cost alcohol detection and measuring device. The AL7000 breathalyser offers 4 digit accuracy, with direct display of actual blood alcohol levels at the time of testing.

The Al7000 breathalyzer has the all new prism semiconductor sensor. This sensor offers high accuracy alcohol detection with the convenience of sensor module exchange when the calibration has been exhausted (each sensor will give around 300 tests and can then be easily be changed on site with a new pre-calibrated sensor)

The above feature removes the need to send the Al7000 for calibration service at regular intervals to maintain accuracy. Replacement Al700 sensors are cheap and easy to fit.

The AL7000 samples a 5 second deep lung sample, just like police breathalysers.

Low cost mouth piece tubes should be used as consumables in clinic settings. The breathalyser takes standard AA batteries

Overall the AL7000 offers a robust highly accurate and reliable digital breathalyzer, getting clinics testing alcohol in patients for under £100 Full PPQ details are available for NHS purchase departments, simply e-mail trade@adtuk.co.uk or phone us on 01263 731 168 Monday to Friday 8.30am to 4.00pm

Full AL7000 breathalyser specifications here

Blood Type testing near patient

Blood group test kit UK

Blood group test kit Eldon card

Determining blood group and rhesus status has previously required laboratory samples and due to the cost the service has not been available upon request.

The Eldon card blood type test kit now makes determining your blood type a quick, simple and cheap near patient test, taking a little over 10 minutes.

The test kit will give both blood type A, B, O  and give the rhesus status. Each pack comes complete with lancets and kit to complete 2 tests

Each pack contains two blood group test kits for under £9.26. More details on the eldon blood type test kit

Queens Reflex Hammers

Reflex Hammers 

Queens reflex hammer uk

Queens reflex hammer

The classic queens reflex hammer comprising white flexible but rigid white nylon handle and black cushioned circular detatchable head is available in 21 cm handle format from valuemed at £5.99

The longer 38cm handle unit is available as part of a multi option reflex hammer set which includes:

reflex hammer set UK

Reflex hammer set

Queens reflex handle with point
Babinski handle with transverse or lateral head fitting
Small and large heads for above
Taylors reflex hammer
Buck Neurological with pioint and brush fittings
Sharp rotation reflex wheel

This reflex hammer set is ideal for surgeries or clinic purchase, and for medical students offering clinicians the choice required for different neurological examinations.

All the reflex hammers are available to buy online from Valuemed and make ideal gifts for medical students starting on their clinical studies, who will need to practice the examination of the reflexes.

Littmann stethoscope for medical students and doctors

Littmann 11 SE stethoscope UK

Littmann Classic 11 SE stethoscope available in lots of tube colours and is an ideal stethoscope for medical students

Littmann Classic II SE doctors stethoscopes are available in a range of tube colours tubes at £57.76 for a limited period

The strong US dollar has pushed the price of Littmann stethoscopes up to UK and EU buyers over recent months with price increases across the entire range.

The Littmann Classic II SE stethoscope remains the benchmark doctors unit against which others are compared. Valuemed remains the only major distributor not tied to a single brand stethoscope manufacturer offering other leading north American brands MDF Stethoscope models and Spirit stethoscope sphygmomanometers etc and its own valuemed range and generic stethoscopes. clinical stethoscopes start from just £3.45

Valuemed offer medical student discounts

MRSA screening for elective patients is to be compulsory in England

Just read this in The Nursing Times online. The article was published 03 February 2009

By the end of March it will become compulsory for acute NHS trusts in England to screen all elective patient admissions for MRSA.

The new screening policy – a requirement of the NHS Operating Framework 2008–2009 – is the latest in a long line of infection control measures introduced by the government to help combat healthcare-associated infections in hospitals.

Visit The Nursing Times site to read the rest.