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NHS purchase orders may be e-mailed for items required from the Valuemed online catalogue of medical equipment and diagnostic biotechnology products.

Valuemed catalogues incorporate all major divisions of the Access Diagnostic Tests UK Ltd parent company, covering fertility, drug and alcohol testing kits, urinalysis, medical equipment, tumour markets, infectious disease diagnosis and medical consumables.

Many items are available with PPQ data available for immediate return on e-mail enquiries to trade@adtuk.co.uk

NHS discounts are also assigned to bulk NHS items, look for our NHS contract item logo.

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Littmann Stethoscopes

3M Littmann® Stethoscopes

Introducing the UK market leading international brand Littmann stethoscope range from 3M.

The complete range of market leading Littmann stethoscopes from the Littmann select stethoscope through to the Littmann cardiology STC stethoscope are available from Valuemed UK medical supplies

Littmann 11 SE stethoscope UK

Littmann Classic 11 SE stethoscope available in lots of tube colours

The Littmann Classic II SE remains the benchmark general clinical Doctors stethoscope against which others are judged.  Other leading European and North Americal brands including MDF and Spirit have similar double head models available, most priced to take advantage of the high end cost of the Littmann brand. These margins are set to expand as the European cost of US$ increased by over 25% in the last quarter of 2008.

Our advice. If you are considering the purchase of a stethoscope, do it sooner rather than later. Price increases in 2009 when European distributors restock can only go one way.

3M Littmann stethoscope range